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Furlong at Comic-Con??

So this past weekend my lovely lady some how persuaded me to leave my comfortable balcony / bud lights and jam down to San Diego for this years Comic-Con. She works for Mattel designing dolls and had already been there the past three days nerding out. I figured, what the heck and would be a supportive dude and see what its all about. First off, I’ve never seen downtown SD that crowded. Just trying to get to the hotel was ridiculous, a whole street was blocked off just so Conan O’brien could walk to his studio. Thanks a lot Conan, you super tall red headed mofo! Anyways, finally made my way down to the convention center to see the sea of geeked out costumes and just all out madness. Feast your eyes!

I know its fun to dress up, but more then half the people I saw I had to ask Tayler ” What are they supposed to be? ” It was either a zombie, super hero, some kind of Outlander or god knows what and basically threw paint on and some kind of tights. Great people watching.

I liked this super hero artist holding it down!


This little dude.

Gaslamp full!

let the fun begin. Sexy green goblin I think.

Mammal toe super hero. ha

Real life TMNT

 I hate Clowns!

Some of the booths were pretty cool to check out.


Tay loving it.



 Way to go Tay!

 I like dem

not sure how this section fit in, but can’t go wrong with – Girls and Corpses

This dude had some cool stuff – Luke Chue

After checking out everything we had one last thing to do. Wait in this cluster ( worst then a mosh pit ) to check out the *hunks from SuperNatural. Absolutely insane, you would’ve thought Brad Pitt was walking it.


 Sup Jensen

 Then just around the corner was Jamie Lee Curtis. She was actually super nice.

 To end was the best dressed person I saw all day. Do it for NIC

Its tuff to say, but maybe I’ll be back next year.

– Furlong