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FYF wasn’t lying when they said we’d have the best weekend of summer! Okay Player (THANKS GUYS!) put me on to shoot some photos of the festival at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Here are a few of my shots that I’d like to share with y’all …

The first set I saw was Little Dragon. Yukimi is a goddess


Caribou was nuts. The arena reached full capacity but I managed to sneak myself in… along with a few of my friends (You might recognize this cool posse from Low End Theory)

Four Tet was groovy and magical as always

Not only is Grimes is the cutest living creature to ever exist, she’s insanely bad ass. Her set got everyone captivated


I was probably the most excited to see Les Sins. I’ve seen Chaz Bundick as Toro Y Moi twice now, but never as his beat making alias.

Mac DeMarco was fun as hell! Him and his band were quite adorable

No matter how many times I’ve seen Thundercat, I am still to this day astonished by his beautiful sounds. Plus I was really feelin his outfit this time

Don’t even get me started on his dance moves or how precious him and his girlfriend were on stage together. Blood Orange was so entertaining and touching, I didn’t want it to end.

This photo doesn’t do justice as to how breath taking Darkside was. They made me feel like I was on a spaceship, on my way to a mysterious abyss. Hands down the best performance of the weekend, in my opinion.

If you weren’t in awe of Flying Lotus’ performance there must be something wrong with you. Shouts out to Strangeloop and everyone else on his production team to deliver such phenomenal visuals. By the way, Fly Lo is coming out with a new album this October. Be sure to check it out… he’s got some tracks with some incredible artists… including one of my favorite rappers, Kendrick Lamar #YoureDead !

And of course, what better way to end the night than to see Jamie XX. From all of the big time ravers to the emotional XX fans… he blew all of our minds away.


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