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Friday Night Blight with The Shrine and Dirty Fences

We’ve been sponsoring the West Coast Worship Tour with The Shrine (Venice) and Dirty Fences (NY). We had done a tour with these dudes in Europe at the end of last year and put out a zine (with HUF) and had a rad time so decided to do it again. So on Friday we threw an extra special LA event. It was free to get in, with free beer and rum compliments of Pabst and Sailor Jerry. The vibe was right, the music and pants were tight, and everything turned out alright (cops didn’t break it up).

In case you weren’t hip to what we were throwing down he’s a photo recap of the night.

Olivia Jaffe, one of the contributors to the zine we released for the Euro Tour, showed her work in the front of the space.

The Vandeleros and their vans were in full effect out front all night.

Before the chaos started.

Dirty Fences played first, sporting an impressive sound and impressive bulges.

Digging that shirt! Available now HERE.

The Shrine going off.

Thanks to Chris from LA RECORD and LSDJ’s for laying down the sweet, sweet sounds between bands.

Thank you, goodnight!


Photos by: Sarah Roach

Catch the tour in a town near you! Happening now.