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Free Fall: The Rise of Cliff Diving in America

My good pal Jeff Edwards is a notorious legend for a few reasons. He’s one of my favorite photographers that I also get to hang out with, his sense of humor could land a lesser man in prison, but above all else, his undying love of big adventure is absolutely contagious. He’s organized a movement of like-minded ass-kickers under the name of Los Angeles Swimmin. They travel the world in search of nature’s gifts to humanity: hot springs and various bodies of water with huge ass cliffs to jump from.

All of this has culminated into the creation of “Free Fall: The Rise of Cliff Diving in America”. It’s set to be the first and only full length feature documentary film about cliff jumping, and it’s going to be EPIC.

Help my friend Jeff remind everyone how vital the natural world and it’s fruits are through this fearless movement by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign HERE. Maybe you can even catch up with him and the crew on their next noble adventure.