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Faye Wei Wei, London Studio Visit

British painter Faye Wei Wei graduated from the prestigious Slade School Of Fine Art in Summer 2016. This is where I first saw Faye’s work, at her graduation show. I was instantly drawn to it. The large scale, bold marks and naivety of her work excited me so much. I knew I wanted to take her portrait in her studio!

I visited Faye’s home studio in South London, to see where one of the most interesting London painters produces her work. Faye works on large canvases and paper. Her studio is filled with these works that almost reach the ceiling! It’s striking when the figures in her paintings are the same size or even larger than real people. The themes in Faye’s work are usually figurative and touch on subjects such as love and the performance of gender.

Faye has a solo show at the COB Gallery in London, Camden from the 13th-29th of April. You should go. To see more of her work visit:

Thanks for having me!