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European Sales Meeting and Players Fiend Club Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago we got together in our office in Amsterdam for our european sales meeting.

Its always great to see our representatives from all over Europe (oh and Matt from Australia was after working really really hard we got on a boat to relax our nerves a bit and cruise through the canals of Amsterdam.

It was perfect boat weather with slight spray rain, lots of wind and 9 degrees Celsius but with some beers, Jenever and other dutch supplies we got all warm and fuzzy from the inside.

So warm and fuzzy that we forgot to bring a real camera. And did not even remember to bring it with us to our own awesome Players Fiend Club Party @ Bar Ludwig. We had teamed up with Soulection for a showcase with some of their Europe based artists and had Fwdslxsh, Jarreau Vandal, Vincent-Paolo, L33 and our own ROAM INTL performing.

So there is no photographic proof of that but we can offer you a little cacophony of slightly faded I phone pictures from earlier that day and hope you believe us if we tell you that the party was awesome. Really.


Here is Romeo working really hard at the sales meeting.

And here is the boat!

Matt (AUS), Pierre (CH), Romeo (USA) and our handsome Captain Arthur (NL)

Here is me raising the glass (again) and taking over the steering wheel. I did not kill us all. Prost to that!

Sebas (NL) and Claus (DK) are enjoying the landscape

OBEY Germany, USA, Russia, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Australia, USA and Holland united. Bringing tears to my eyes.

This is where it all starts to get a bit blurry.

And this is the last picture we have of that night