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Emerging artist of the week: Wes Period

Photo by: Eric Mooney

Hip hop fans might have been sleeping on it’s future prodigy.. but they’ll soon be knowing his name real well. Meet LA’s own rapper/singer/producer Wes Period. This multi-talented, hook writing mastermind has been kicking around for a couple of years now, putting out the “Friendly Fire” EP in 2011, dropping the party starting anthem “Touch It“, collaborating with singer/songwriter Olivver The Kid, and a handful of other absolutely amazing releases. Recently, he’s launched his best work yet. “Highs & Lows” is a witty song produced by UK producers Lovelife about life’s highs and lows, with a chorus about smoking so much weed you can’t move, thus getting so high.. you’re low.


“Wes Period drops the great reference, “Baby, I’m Oliver Twist / Baby, I’m Charles Dickens / Either way, this is my story, brah / I turned the world to my b*tch / Right now Topanga my chick / This is not Cory, brah / Let the boy meet the world, but you’re mad when the boy meets your girl / Hate when the drama occur, but these girls don’t belong to you, sir.” – Buzzbands

Photo by: Eric Mooney

Photo by: Eric Mooney

Wes is currently on a U.S. tour DJing with good friend and collaborator Jez Dior. His next project is due later this year. Follow his social medias below to stay updated with all the big moves he’s making this year.

Instagram: @wesperiod
Twitter: @wesperiod