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Emerging artist of the week: Olivver The Kid


Credit: Jesse DeFlorio –

Meet Olivver the Kid (Bryan Sammis), an incredibly talented 24 year old LA based artist, songwriter, and visionary. Formerly of The Neighbourhood, Olivver the Kid has launched his solo career over the last 12 months releasing amazing singles like “Attica 71” and “Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People)” and now recently has released his debut EP “Freak” to much acclaim. On the horizon, he has an impressive headlining tour in Russia and looks as though things are only getting better for this drummer turned singer/song-writer. With his R&B and Hip-Hop tinged Alt-Pop, this guy’s bringing a much needed fresh sound to the LA music scene.


Credit: Jesse Deflorio

Credit: Jesse Deflorio 

Fun fact: About 10 months ago, I had the pleasure of remixing one of my favorite Olivver The Kid tunes called “Attica 71‘”. Check it out below:

You can follow more of Olivver The Kid on his social medias:





Details of his Russia tour below:

-Samuel Jacob