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Emerging Artist of the week: Liphemra

The live quartet consists of Chris Parise (drums), Liv Marsico (drums & vocals), Trey Finley (guitar), & Miles Gray (Bass).


SoCal band Liphemra may technically still be in it’s infancy (having only released a few demos to date) but they’re already getting a lot of attention in the Los Angeles music scene. Having already performed to sold out crowds, sharing the stage with artists such as Connan Mockasin, Jessy Lanza, Young Fathers & most recently supporting Algiers on their west coast shows, these talented young musicians are well on there way to becoming as big as the artists they’ve been opening for.

For most of 2015 they have been hard at work in the studio preparing proper recordings.. all of which have been self recorded & mixed. They plan to release some new material this month and are preparing to drop their next EP later this year. In the meantime they’ll keep melting faces with their head bobbing live show. Oh yeah and you can catch them at Low End Theory this July 22nd! I recently caught up with Liv to chat about everything they’ve been working so hard on. Check out the conversation below..





So how long have you been performing music as Liphemra?
I’ve been performing with Liphemra for a little over 2 years but it has gone through multiple reconstructions.
I know you’ve played in several bands in the past as a drummer, so what made you decide to step out from behind the drum set and get on the mic?
Being a drummer for other bands has always been amazing and taught me so much but I really wanted to push myself into other areas and explore my creativity. I also really had a craving for more melody. Being a drummer can sometimes leave you a little one sided as a musician, because you’re focused on the rhythmic aspects of the songs. I’m not really a singer, but when I started writing songs I naturally became more comfortable on the mic. I’m still getting used to it though.



How it is to being a female front woman in today’s music industry?
I’ve always experienced some interesting things being a female musician in LA. I think it was harder being a female drummer than it is now being the front-woman. When you’re a drummer.. men either tend to be really competitive and turn into bullies, or they are really respectful and appreciate talent regardless of gender. I’ve experienced both extremes.
Who are your major influences when it comes to writing? production?
Flying Lotus has been a huge influence on me, as well as J Dilla, Madlib and lots of other hip hop. I also love Rage Against the Machine.. and I grew up playing a lot of jazz in school. Jazz is very deep integral part of Liphemra. Elvin Jones is my favorite drummer of all time!



Who have you collaborated with in the past? Do you have any upcoming collaborations/releases you’re excited about?
I’ve collaborated with Nocando and some other hip hop artists.. singing on their tracks. I have some really amazing exciting collaborations coming out soon but I can’t talk about them yet : )
We are also working on mixing our new songs and I can’t wait to share them! Dropping a new single very soon and an EP in the works!



How would you describe your style?
Renaissance meets streetwear? Honestly I don’t know.. I just kind of mix and match pieces together. My style is very strange. I like lace collars and gowns..but also hoodies and t shirts.
Speaking of fashion, what Obey women’s pieces really speak to you and how does it fit your style?
I love the Chloe Crew Knit. I wore it recently to our show at The Echo with Algiers.. and threw a vintage lace collar over it. You can dress it up or down depending what kind of bra you wear
with it too!
What’s your spirit animal?
Unicorn : )
Anyone you’d like to collaborate with in the future?
I would love to collab with Thom Yorke or Tricky! Also Jonny Greenwood, Trent Reznor, and Geoff Barrow too!
What’s your guilty pleasure song right now?
Butterfly by Crazytown


You can check out more of Liphemra on their social medias and website:


All the portrait shots were taken by Cara Robbins
Insta: @CaraRobbins
*All live photos were taken by Carl Pocket