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Emerging Artist of the week: King Shelter

Members: Taylor Hecocks / David Noble / Adam Nienow / John Harzan

Have you ever heard of Salad rock? Yeah, well neither have I.. until I stumbled upon one of SoCal’s best kept secrets. Their name is King Shelter, and they call their music Salad Rock. Not only do they make great music, they also skate too. Already I was sold. And while only on the scene for a minute now, they’ve already gained steady buzz and have just released their debut EP “Failure”. The record combines tons of unique and clever vocal melodies with strong guitar work and huge drums. The EP starts with an ear pleasing tune called “Holy ghost” that I’ve kept on repeat for days now. The reverb drenched vocals cut through their massive wall of guitars and drums while throwing you through a hypnotic head bob trance until the song eventually ends leaving you begging for more. Their sound reminds me of early smashing pumpkins in their 90’s psych rock with a taste of Band Of Horses’ lush tones and huge sound. I recently caught their live set in San Diego a few weeks ago and they were absolutely solid. Despite a few technical difficulties (the singer’s mic consistently shocking the shit out of him) the band held through and tore threw their set confidently. I would definitely recommend catching them again if you get a chance. Until then, check out their debut EP “Failure” below:





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