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Emerging Artist of the week: Jez Dior

Credit: Eric Mooney

It’s been just about two years since Los Angeles based Jez Dior first hit the indie rap scene. Known for infusing overt grunge with smooth hip-hop, the 22 year old emcee has created a sound all his own. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

It was Dior’s debut project, Scarle†† Sage, which first boosted his reputation, giving him much deserved recognition. His singles “Candles” and “Love Me To Death” both landed #1 spots on The Hype Machine and MTV Iggy hailed him as “The real thing of 2013.”

Credit: Eric Mooney

Dior followed this up with his first official EP release The Funeral. The lead single off the EP Old No. 7 ft G Eazy spread quickly online racking up more than 2 Million streams online. The EP was highly touted by Nylon Magazine and Buzzbands LA upon release and has continued to garner attention from fans and industry insiders world-wide.

The most recent single release of Parachutes ft OnCue shot up the Spotify charts and landed on the Top Hits playlist alongside artists like Drake, Kanye West, Big Sean, among others. With over 1.2 Million streams in the first week, Parachutes is showing no signs of slowing down.


No stranger to the stage, Dior has opened up for B.o.B, Chance the Rapper, and embarks on a tour supporting Aer, Spring 2015.

Son of legendary punk-rock guitarist Steve Dior (Sex Pistols), Dior draws much of his musical inspiration from artists like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, and Kanye West. His unique background has created a stimulating backdrop; his musical development and content enhanced and affected by his life experiences, family, and the relationship with his father.

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Credit: Eric Mooney