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Emerging Artist of the week: Dustin Lovelis

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dustin Lovelis has been pretty busy this year crafting songs in his coastal birth town Long Beach, Ca. Since Dustin’s late teens, the god-son-of-grunge has toured the planet with countless musical outfits, including The Fling (Dangerbird Records) as lead vocalist and songwriter. Taking a break from the music scene, the Fling recently went on hiatus with no concrete plans to continue. Fortunately for his fans, Dustin hasn’t stopped writing songs and has returned with an ambitious debut solo effort Dimensions released May 19th 2015 on Porch Party Records.

Dustin’s music is drenched in textures both vintage and modern, while his fine- tuned pop sensibilities rise out of whichever era ignited the inspiration. After The Fling dissolved, Dustin took over all writing responsibility. With a guitar, a microphone, and a bottle of whiskey, Dustin found his way through his influences and pinned his own demos to multi-track. Without any input from band members, Dustin meticulously created his new DNA of sound with hints of The Everly Brothers, The Pixies, and The Beatles. He knew it was time to return to the studio.

Dustin recorded Dimensions at Elliot Smith‘s former music home: New Monkey Studios. He found the ideal compliments for his timeless sound with an insane amount of gear and incredibly talented musician friends. Elijah Thomson of the band Everest played bass and produced the album, and prolific composer and session player Frank Lenz lays down his dynamic drumming with classic fills. After 2 days, the basic tracks were finished. A few more instruments and vocals were added, and Dimensions was complete. As fans become anxious to hear the new recordings, Dustin has been steadily growing his audience with shows and residencies across LA and booking tours up the west coast.

Watch the freaky video single for Coming Back From a Cloud below and buy Dimensions here.



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