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Woooo, I think I’m still hungover from this weekend. From what I do remember, it was a good one! Saturday over at Urban Outfitter’s Space 1520, Dublab was running their semi annual Proton Drive. They were raising money to keep the non-profit online radio station cranking out the sweet, sweet jams. OBEY took over on Saturday and we booked the talent for the day.

The line up was siiiiiiick!!!!

It was an early morning my friends and the sea was angry, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli. Teebs was first on the decks before his flight to NY. I have to admire his dedication showing up all positive and shit.

Then I attempted to hit some swank tunes but took no pictures because I look like a scummy metal head and thought it would be inappropriate. Roams was up next, playing the down-tempo smoothness. It was very emotional and I cried for an hour. He was followed by Co_Fee, who started bringing it up with that haaaard shit.

My nephew was not impressed and was thankful he brought his walkie talkies and Cheese-its.

Free The Robots and Co_Fee were enjoying… beers started flowing and then things got messy.

Gaslamp Killer went on and magically Bushwick Bill surfaced. Gaslamp was crushing the left field vibes playing a really unique set, different from his typical club appearances. Make sure to check out his and all the other performances when they go onto the archives.

Bushwick Bill of the world famous Geto Boys and Gaslamp Killer doing a little number.

My Movie from jon furlong on Vimeo.

Free The Robots got on and Bushwick Bill wanted to get back on the mic to do some classics.


My Movie from jon furlong on Vimeo.

Old friends reunited.

Thanks to all that came out and especially to those that donated. Catch you soon!

Got hungry afterwards and ran into the dude from Office Space. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.