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Dear readers,

Its me, Brayden Olson, with blog number two about Dirty Fences keeping it real on the streets of Europe. It’s week 2 and things are getting smelly, and I’m not referring to a finely aged French cheese.

We played a OBEY Fiend Club party at the mighty Pacific Parc in Amsterdam together with our friends from Death Alley. It was real.

On the photo with some media in front of a canal.

Jack and Douwe making out on stage.

Guitar power.

Another hang out with this ruler Jos in a place called Venlo.

Feel the rhythm with beat machine Hersch.

Power of harmony. Comaskey and Jack in an old English Dungeon.

Partytime in front of traditional curtain.

Dirty Fences devant un magasin. Bonne nuit!

Ronwood SOSA’s intimidating solo.

Two cute dogs loving life.Tomorreaux is Bordeaux, let’s geaux!!!