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Desert Haze

Amy here. It’s been a minute, or about 4 years, since I’ve blabbed on this blog, so hello again old friends, it’s good to be back on this continent with the posse.

I made almost the same trek as a lot of you Coachellaians out to the desert last weekend, but stopped in Mecca for a bit of a smaller, yet probably just as hot and sandy festival; Desert Daze. The things music fans will do for some good tunes/vibes.

An amazing festival if I do say so myself. Pretty intimate setting at the Sunset Ranch Oasis, constantly surrounded by happy people fully enjoying their 20th of April. Set times made it possible to hear almost everyone too.. not too shabby.


But let’s talk about the music, man. So many killer bands and none to disappoint. Didn’t get pictures of them all, but a few noteables:

The Entrance Band (Paz Lenchantin is so badass!)

Straight outta my hometown, Fullerton’s own Dahga Bloom. Love them

Groovy little dance party wtih Night Beats.

Took this of Death Hymn Number 9 in the middle of a mosh pit sand storm but I think it’s a decent visual for the experience.

The total highlight for me was Tinariwen. Have mercy. 1AM in the middle of the desert surrounded by purple haze and Malian musicians, felt like some spiritual level shit.. I’ll take it!

Just a peek from the day, but full line up below. Moon Block Party has a good thing goin’, thanks for the good times!