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Desert Daze


Photo by: Taylor Wong of – Mini Mansions

“With a giant eyeball, a location out of the X Files and just 3,500 attendees, Desert Daze is a throwback to the days before music festivals became mainstream.” – (

Photo by: Taylor Wong of


Sick of dropping way too much money on overpriced music festivals , just to fight endlessly through massive crowds all day only to catch a mere glimpse of a band you “might” have heard of before on the radio.. from way back of a thousand and something capacity crowd? Yeah me too.

Well, thankfully there’s a festival for those of you like me. A festival that’s affordable, showcases amazing and unique talent, full of like minded music lovers, and best of all.. you can camp there too! That Festival is called Desert Daze. Founded by Moon Block’s Phil Pirrone, Desert Daze (held at the Sunset Ranch Oasis in Mecca, CA) returns for its fourth annual appearance, bringing with it an amazing lineup to create this awesome experience once again. In addition to more than a dozen interactive art installations, this year’s festival featured its largest lineup to date including performances from Warpaint, Minus the Bear, Mini Mansions, Deap Vally, and RJD2 name a few. This year they also beefed up their production and expanded camping and dining options including additional security, dust control and parking-lot expansion in anticipation of as many as 5,000 fans descending on the desert oasis.


Photo by: Taylor Wong of – Kim and the Created


Photo by: Taylor Wong of – PLG VNDR

Phil Pirrone explains that the goal of Desert Daze is to create a solid community in the middle of all that is Coachella. He doesn’t want to compete, but he would like to add to all the sun-drenched madness of the bigger festival. “It’s a thing you can keep coming back to throughout the weekend,” Pironne said. “You can go do your other things, but we’re always here for you.” 

“We’ve always wanted to do an extended festival, and all these people being in the desert for an extended amount of time presented a perfect opportunity to make that happen,” – Phil Pirrone

Photo by: Taylor Wong of – Jesus Sons

Photo by: Taylor Wong of – Jesus Sons


Photo by: Taylor Wong of – Warpaint

Photo by: Taylor Wong of – Warpaint

Photo by: Taylor Wong of – Chelsea Wolfe

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