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David Weidman

Went by my favorite vintage store in Long Beach, InRetrospect, to drool over everything and chat with the amazing (and adorable) David Weidman. He’s been creating his distinctive art since the 1950’s; pretty definitive of an era. It was cool to see so much of it in person too, those colors! The store always feels like a set from Mad Men, especially with Weidman’s work feature like in the show… just waiting to spot Don Draper in there one of these days. Schwing!

Quick pic with the Man of the Hour, still kickin at 92.

One of David’s prints (can I call you David?) as seen in Peggy’s Olson’s office. Apparently the set designers do a lot of their shopping at the store too. I reeeally like Mad Men…

This place is overflowing with rad furniture, clothing, art, nostalgic shit, RECORDS, trinkets.. yadda yadda I could go on forever, baby. Also, my fabulous roommate camouflaged somewhere below.


Look at how happy my friends are, might be all that free wine?

Cheers to your fine work and wise words, Mr. Weidman.

Take it easy, everybody!