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D-Styles & L.E.T. Japan

I’m honored to have one of my favorite DJ’s and good homie Dave “D-Styles” Cuasito contribute to the blog for a few sessions. Since the early 90’s, he’s been apart of the underground scratch scene, affiliated with crews such as The Invisibl Scratch Piklz, The Beat Junkies, and now an official Low End Theory Resident. To me, Dave is that low key dude with the funniest sense of humor I know. Left Field Smut!!! Maybe some of you remember his Scratch Record Cover Art or maybe you follow him on Facebook or Vine, you might know what I’m talking about. For those that still don’t E.N.O., watch these… (old and new…)



A few weeks ago, we released the Low End x OBEY Tees for their Japan Tour and I asked Dave to take some photos and report back on how everything was… Here’s what he said:

Thanks ROAM !! Myself, DJ Nobody, Nocando & Daddy Kev arrive at LAX, getting ready to board the new Airbus double decker. You gotta fly SINGAPORE AIR on your next trip to Tokyo. It’s so worth it…


Just landed in Narita! We were greeted by our tour’s special guest, Taurus Scott of the Hellfyre Club and G-Unit Family. We are tired as fuck man… Just wanna hit the hotel to crash out real quick.

Japan has the funniest signs ever. I had my bag stolen here a few years ago when everybody said that Japan was safe and not to worry. Now all these new signs are all around town.

And this one’s straight perverted…

Just checked into the hotel… Gotta get some sleep… More soon homie !!!

:: D-Styles ::