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Covert To Overt: Photography of OBEY GIANT by: Jon Furlong

Last Saturday was the opening for my first solo exhibition at Subliminal Projects. Preparing and finalizing the full show was a pretty difficult task. What photos to show, sizing, printing, framing, installation. On top of that, I had to battle the Dodgers making the playoffs which threw a major curve ball for the opening night. Luckily, everyone stayed positive and the show went on. The exhibition overall had 50 larger photo prints, a salon wall with over 120 photos, two large custom direct printed wood pieces and my favorite – four massive photo prints with Shepard’s hand collaged background which includes stencils, spray paint and handmade papers. This process used by Shepard in his fine art pieces. You really have to see them in person to get the feel, the photos don’t do them justice. Anyways, I wanted to thank everyone who battled the heat, traffic, crowds and made it to my show. It really was a great honor and was unreal feeling. Sorry for those of you who got your car towed!

– J. Furlong

Heres a look of the gallery before the opening.


Some of favorite ones of the show


Hallway of history


7 foot panoramic of the massive icon across the bridge in Charleston. Also printed on 5″ birch wood

Now to the opening. All gallery opening photos by: Steven Andrew Garcia

Old school crew!

Thanks again for everyone who made it out.