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Los Angeles’s First Cat Themed Art Show Featuring Works By Over 60 Artists Including Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Jill Greenberg, Ray Caesar, Marc Dennis, Charlotte Dumas, Martin Eder, Tracey Emin, Mark Ryden, FAILE, Shepard Fairey, Christian Furr, and more.

Opening Reception on Saturday, January 25th, 2014, 7-10pm at 101/Exhibit

6205 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90038

CAT ART SHOW LOS ANGELES is both a meditation and a celebration of the feline form. This exhibition goes beyond heralding felines as domesticated companion, and instead explores their role as muse and inspiration. Aloof one moment and adoring the next, their behavior alone is a constant source of artistic fodder destined for reinterpretation. Then there is their adroit physicality; be it lounging languorously across our still unread newspaper, or their instinctive predatory sensibilities.

Cats have been part of our lexicon (not to mention our home life) for thousands of years. The Egyptians frequently aligned them with the gods, like Bastet, the goddess of warfare. Later, great artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, and Pablo Picasso all created masterpieces centered around cats, sometimes showcasing them as companion, sometimes around something much deeper symbolically.

Unified in subject matter, this group exhibition features the interpretations of cats by artists Alan Aldridge, Anita Kunz, Antony Micallef, Bovey Lee, Brandon Boyd, Britt Ehringer, Buff Monster, Christian Guémy (C215), Charlotte Dumas, Christian Furr, Clayton Brothers, Dana Veraldi, Daniel Maidman, Diane Hoeptner, Mark Ryden, FAILE, Fedele Spadafora, Frank Stefanko, Gary Baseman, Guy Denning, Heather Mattoon, Ingrid Allen, Jamie Fales, Jenny Parks, Jill Greenberg, Jonathan Gent, Jonathan Yeo, Joshua Petker, JOW, Justin Bower, Katherine Streeter, Kathleen Melian, Ken Solomon, Kevin Earl Taylor, Kimberly Brooks, Langley Fox, Larissa Bates, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, Liz Markus, Luke Chueh, Ly Quan, Marc Dennis, Marion Peck, Martin Eder, Mattia Biagi, Melinda Lerner, Mercedes Helnwein, Misako Inaoka, Michael Wolf, Natalia Fabia, Nicholas Chistiakov, Nicholas Bowers, Noel Fielding, Rachel Schlueter, Ramsay Dau, Ray Caesar, Rebecca Urias, Rob Reger, Robert Standish, Ryan Metke, Sage Vaughn, Scott Stulen, Steve Schapiro, Tim Biskup, Tracey Emin, Vera Iliatova.

Many of the artists, like Jonathan Gent, Kimberly Brooks and HUSH, have never created a cat-themed work of art. Further, a number of the artists involved have readily admitted they are ‘dog’ people, and even allergic to cats, yet they cannot negate the fact that the feline form is a beautiful one that deserves to be heralded artistically. All in all, the art featured in Cat Art Show Los Angeles is a contemporary examination of the psychology, inspiration, and physical impact of cats in our lives.

CAT ART SHOW LOS ANGELES will be the largest multi-artist exhibition of cat inspired works for sale ever exhibited.Partners include PicMonkey, 9Lives® cat food, Perrier, 101/exhibit, Peroni Nastro Azzurro. The Walker Arts Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival, will provide the video portion of the exhibition, showcasing cat video vignettes from this year’s fest as well as teasing what’s in store for 2014. All artwork will be for sale, and a portion of the net proceeds will go to the Stray Cat Alliance of Los Angeles.

CAT ART SHOW LOS ANGELES is the inaugural show by journalist Susan Michals, who has written for many publications including The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post and GalleristNY.
Her producer and co-curator is Daniel Salin, who produced Banksy’s 2006 Barely Legal show in Los Angeles, as well as numerous shows with globally recognized artists like VHILS, JR, Antony Micallef, FAILE, and Mr. Brainwash.



6205 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90038

After Opening Night, the gallery will be open:

Sunday, January 26th 12pm-5pm

Saturday, February 1st 12pm-5pm

Sunday, February 2nd 12pm-5pm

TWITTER: @catartshowla


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