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In celebration of this years Bright Tradeshow, OBEY teamed up with LODOWN MAGAZINE and BRIGHT to host the trade show’s closing event. The garden of Chalet in Berlin is the perfect location for free beers, bbq, great music and the launch of Lodown’s “YOUTH CULTURE“.

Our good friends of THE DIRTY FENCES were the first band to perform. It was the Fences last show of their European tour in support of “COLLEEN” on OBEY Records. Despite all the TROUBLE they’ve had in Rome on the last week of their tour, they played tight and energetic as ever.

Then it was THE SHRINE‘s turn. Their show was super sick and probably the best show I’ve seen them play. People got wild, band was good, people got wilder, band got even better. Dirty Fences joined them on stage. Bass-player played some epic riffs. Singer Josh jumped in the crowd with his electric guitar. Everybody got drunk. Sound was awesome. Singer played intense solo on top of crowd. Cool people went nuts. Band played their final song. People drank more free beers. DJ played great tunes and so this party was the best way to end our week in Berlin.


Thanks to Bright, Lodown, Dj Sven, DJ Hugo Zorro and Bands for helping out making this night perfect.

Pictures by Melanie Sapina.