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Blood, sweat and numb parts...

CLIFF Bar held their annual “Euphony” ride in Napa Valley. Lets just say RIDICULOUS! Only a minor clip-in crash, lots of sweat and a few numb body parts. Its grueling to attempt to keep up with the top pro-riders from MASH, CLIFF and Luna. The course mirrored the first day of the AMGEN Tour of California, lots of crazy hill climbs, vineyards, and amazing countryside. Don’t be fooled by the gears, the MASH crew rocked the 150 mile course leaving the rest in the dust. Check out the MASH crew ride the TOC on their fixed gears, earlier this year HERE.

Here is the “Man of the Hour” or should we say little man… 9 year old Quentin rode with the best. He finished the 30 mile loop, without a foot on the ground. Watch out Alberto Contador, Quentin is about to break away.

Here is some of the crew refueling after a long day of riding. Keep on peddling everyone!