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Banago asks Kickstarter to help Rescue Typhoon Victims

Fashion company BanagoTM is releasing a new line of accessories as part of a novel post-disaster strategy which promises to speed the recovery of livelihoods for over 400 woman artisans in the wake of typhoon Haiyan. Banago will be the first to use Kickstarter to engage the global community in the recovery of their cottage industry and its success may revolutionize the way donors sponsor post-disaster recovery.


• BanagoTM [ba-nah-go] is a collection of hand-woven bags and home accessories, expertly hand crafted by artisans in the Philippines. Each piece is a beautiful handmade work of art, bringing island chic to the city while enabling BanagoTM to give back to local communities.
• Before typhoon Haiyan devastated the eastern Philippines in November of 2013, BanagoTM founder Renée Patron had built and expanded BanagoTM into a cottage industry until it provided livelihood for over four hundred women and their families in the community where she grew up.
• This program was unheard of in 2005 when Renée began teaching weavers, mostly women, to become self-employed business owners and to work within the safety of their own homes. BanagoTM artisans became leaders in their communities and helped grow genuine opportunity.
• A taste of success: BanagoTM products were once readily available in high-end retail stores around the globe including J. Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom’s and Macy’s plus many others.
• Tragically, BanagoTM lost its entire production network and facilities, including the homes of all of its artisans. Renée herself fought for her life in the storm along with the more than 14 million Haiyan victims. Many now cope with the loss of family members (est. 6,300 killed), the loss of income (over 50% of livelihoods), and the loss of an economy (est. $35 billion USD in damages). International aid has been withdrawn and there is little or no help from the national government.
• Banago’sTM leadership is determined to honor the spirit of the ancient painted warriors embodied in its vibrant designs. With the help Livelihood UnitedTM, a US based nonprofit, BanagoTM will engage the wonderful community in an effort to raise enough money for a full recovery.
• Livelihood restoration like never before: If Banago’sTM campaign is successful it may help change the way people look at post-disaster livelihood restoration. BanagoTM backers will be the first ever to use Kickstarter to invest in the recovery of a proven business while gaining access to new and highly prized merchandise – And a successful campaign could be expanded to help many others.

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