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Artist Spotlight: YKMS

For the last couple years, YKMS (Yall Know My Steelo) has slowly been making his mark in the Los Angeles art scene. I recently heard about his work from Obey fave Deladeso a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed. His work was mostly black and white (which was right up my alley) and the subjects are recognizable characters mashed up, some of known celebrities in Star Wars themed cloaks or Star Wars characters in Yeezy Adidas sneakers. I love that shit. YKMS is definitely doing something unique and he’s only just getting started. Expect to see more of this dude’s dope work popping up in your instagram feed thoughout the year.

While growing up on the streets of San Bernardino, he recalls chilling in the backseat of his older cousin’s 92′ Camry driving around bumping 2pac, Snoop, warren G and Dr Dre. When asked about his alias he stated, “I got that from a hook on a song I first heard in 1996 called The Message by NAS.” YKMS is clearly no stranger to the west coast and it definitely shows in his work as well. His inspiration draws from Schwarzenegger flicks to Star Wars, Wu-Tang to Kanye. He says, “I get the things I love then I smash em together like an Idaho potato.” Well it definitely explains why I dig his work so much. His take on artistry is modern with a touch of nostalgia, with a clever and unique spin.. all qualities that make for incredibly cool art.

Check out more of YKMS’s work on his website and Instagram.