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Artist Spotlight: Filip Nikolic

This multi-intrumentalist not only plays every instrument better than you, he can a skate a half-pipe and has a synthesizer collection that would make Giorgio Moroder jealous.. Meet Filip Nikolic, a 38 year old music producer born from Denmark. Not only has he’s toured with the legendary Ima Robot and Dj’d the continent with Guns N Bombs, the half Yugoslavian is also one of the guys behind “daytime disco” outfit Poolside. I recently spent the day with Filip skating his local skatepark and checking out his recording studio in Los Feliz. I also had a chance to chat with him about his experience coming to the U.S. for the first time and what’s he’s been up to lately. You can check out the conversation below:


When did you come out to U.S.?

I came out to U.S. in 2004, I was 26 I think. At the time I was touring with a danish band called Junior Senior playing bass guitar. I had a year Visa and after the tour had ended, the singer and myself decided to see what LA was like. So we subletted an apartment in koreatown for a month.. and it was like the best month ever. Just straight up fun everyday.

So when did you decide to stay in Los Angeles?

Well we went back to Denmark after a month. Then realized that there were still 7 months left on our Visas.. so we just decided to just do the rest of the 6 months in LA. While there i ended up quitting Junior Senior and randomly auditioned for a band we toured with called Ima Robot. They needed new keyboardists/guitar and I won audition. So I stayed.



That’s crazy how life kept throwing you opportunities. So do you still keep in contact with the dudes from Ima Robot?

Oh yeah definitely, We actually still meet a few times a year to catch up and write music. We actually talked two weeks ago about putting out a new album. You can put that on record.

That’s so dope. Another Ima Robot record would be epic. Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

Yes, im working on an album with a really cool project called Baby Alpaca. Been working together for about a year now. I remixed a song off their previous EP that ended up doing really well so now i’m producing their new record.



Limited edition “Poolside” skateboards released in 2014.


Switch crooked grind

Are you working on any new remixes for your solo alias Turbotito?

Yes, so right now i’m working on a compilation of unreleased turbotito remixes and to make it more interesting i’m gonna add an equal amount of brand new remixes.

(Here’s links to two old unreleased remixes that he’s adding to the compilation:)




You can check out more of Filip on his social medias: