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Artist Spotlight: Charmaine Olivia

There’s something that grows in the spaciousness of the heart and mind.. a profound sense of tenderness that envelopes your thoughts in the present moment. When you sit in the midst of this mysterious human incarnation and realize that the idea is not to perfect ourselves, but to perfect our kindness and generosity towards each other.

The thought of this became crystal clear last week when I spent some time in the studio, aligning with Charmaine Olivia as she prepared for her upcoming solo show at DAX Gallery. Little did I know upon entering her love nest that our vibration would resonate on the level that it did- it’s just not too often that we meet people who tune into our same introspective frequency.

Upon entering her studio we exchanged peace offerings and expressed the common tongue for unlimited knowledge through mindfulness, compassion and the interconnectedness of all things.

After vibing out on molecules, celestial exploration and the thought of parallel dimensions I stepped back to get a glimpse of Charmaine in her element. The beauty of her new works embody spirit and nature, combined with the female form in a way that reveals the divine feminine in the most mystically sensual way.

During her active meditations from painting peacefully to practicing yoga, I floated around as a compliment to her being, documenting her process through prisms, kaleidoscopes and the mirrors that adorned her workspace.

Portals, as her show is aptly titled, became clear within moments. Her ladies stared down at me from every corner of the room and all ego dissipated to microscopic levels as the energy from her paintings revealed the stillness calling out to me from the gaps between my neurotic thoughts.

It’s a such a deferential feeling to be surrounded by inanimate paintings that feel so alive – the glimmer of her muse’s eyes stare deep into your soul, commanding attention yet inviting self reflection simultaneously – blurring the lines between being the observer and being observed.. to the point where you realize that just being is the only the thing the universe asks of us.

If you’re around this weekend, I HIGHly recommend visiting this show, you will not be disappointed. Peep the details in the flyer below.

..Trust the process. Trust the mystery..