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Artist Series Launch Noëmi Manser in BIG Store Zürich!


Yesterday was the BIG day! I released my Artist Series Fall15 in one of my favorite retail stores in Zurich, at BIG Store ( Not only could I show my Artist Series ( , we also decorated the window and I exhibited some of my artworks, “the melting brains”. It was an unforgettable evening in a wonderful atmosphere, with amazing people, family and beloved friends, with perfectly harmonic tunes provided by our homie David Suivez (


Mam 🙂

IMG_3427-1024x683.jpg" alt="IMG_3427" />


photographer Olivier Bonnet


the amazing team who made this event perfect 🙂


Thank you OBEY for this chance to collaborate with you!! this is a dream come true!!

Thank you OBEY Switzerland for the best support!!

thank you BIG Store for exhibiting my Artist Series and the great event!


and THANKS to all the amazing people who came and shared this beautiful evening with us!!!



here`s the last one!! back to my day job as a mannequin 😉