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Anna & Latoya, Part 3

And so we were on our way to LA, an 8 hour drive all the way from the grand canyon…
We realized about half way that it was a reckless and stupid idea to drive it all at once, so we quietly drove into the Joshua Tree national park in the middle of the night without paying our entrance fee.

While we were searching for a little hideaway where we could secretly camp our minivan, we heard a pack of coyotes howling. Exited and slightly scared we parked near a place called split rock, and even though falling asleep wasn’t easy, seeing the most amazing landscape surrounding us when we woke up made it all worth it.

Anna decided to do some rock-climbing in her underwear while singing a Shakira song as a little morning workout.

After a few hours of driving and another monster breakfast we finally arrived at the City of Angels. Duncan, (a very sweet guy we met in Lone Pine) offered us a place to stay in his Hollywood apartment, which turned out to be the most amazing place.

After jumping on all the beds, couches and everything worth to jump on we went off to the Rainbow bar. Latoya who has always been a big Motorhead made it her mission in life to meet Lemmy, who was supposedly always playing the slot machine around there. To her disappointment he wasn’t there, but we met Scotty, who happened to be a friend of Lemmy and had a pair of his beautiful boots in his possession which Latoya got to wear, and tried to steal but failed. Scotty offered us a dip in Lemmy’s pool, which was maybe even better. Lemmy = God

The following day we had the incredible idea to sneak into the Roosevelt pool where we met a bunch of LA rock ’n’ rolla’s who were kind enough to show us “the LA experience”. They took us to a rooftop pool party at The Standard. And after that to a party of Dice magazine, which was awesome. Punk bands playing, free tequila, strippers everywhere, and the best part was that we ended up taking a Limo with a self service sound system so we could play our favorite horrible music and sing along all the way to our Hollywood mansion.

We woke up with the most horrible hangover ever. Luckily our home provided all the necessities to get through our off days. Baths, ice cream, loads of cigarettes, and cuddling up to each other watching awful romantic movies. I can’t even describe how nice it was to finally have a day off, after all our adventures it was just amazing to do nothing for once.

Since LA was struggling with a heat wave during our stay, making it unbearable to stay inside the house, we took off to the beach, Venice beach.

Later on our new LA friends invited us to a party at the Roosevelt hotel at the Teddy’s bar, were we ended up getting insanely drunk. Again.
Which also resulted in us having another off day in our mansion.

Our La adventure was almost coming to an end, so we decided to do something to keep the memory of our amazing trip.

Since nothing is more permanent than a tattoo, this seemed the best thing to do. We made an appointment at Mr. Mahogany just hours before our flight to New York.
We now both have the word ‘sister’ written on our arms permanently. Now it’s official, we are family, for ever.

Next stop: New York

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