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Amishdad & Muse @ Coachella

In the aftermath of Coachella we’ve been inundated with thousands of the same articles and photographs of the bloggers, models and celebrities at the festival. These articles all focus on what these elite few where wearing and which parties they attended. But the biggest question is what where THEY taking photographs of? Our very own Steven Black was one of their muses. Several of the largest models and bloggers used classic sneaky-pic tactics of fake selfies and group photos all in effort to document him in the background shirtless and sporting the hottest trends before they go main stream. As one of our staff we been able to get him to open up about these ground breaking trends and his experience.
“I wanted to make a statement! Something that no one had done before, Coachella is a huge event so I felt like it was finally time to showcase my #AmishDad look and really make a statement. I’ve also been concepting with my nutritionist and working with my legal team to get my dieting and workout program #thenewshapeisoutofshape fully patented before teasing the world with it. Because I attended a pool party, i kinda out of luck keeping it a secret. Lastly, I knew the whole look would only work if it really POPPED! I made extra effort to stay indoors all winter to ensure i was as pastey white as possible. Everything pops off white. Needless to say, i wasn’t ready for the amount of media exposure i was going to get…”
Heres some brand and couple random party goers trying to capture the hot new look

I’ve know the Revolve/Alliance Apparel squad for a while now and they where kind enough to let reveal the hot new look. They have enough heat behind them right now that they weren’t afraid of me stealing the whole show.

Heres blogger Negin Mirsalehi coming in for a closer looks and found herself getting pulled into the pool.

Kenza Zouiten pretending to take photos of her popsicle…smh

Perhaps the most flattering was Jen Selter and Chanteli Jefferies sitting by the pool trying to get me to notice. Ladies ladies I’m flattered but respect my privacy


Yours Truly,
Steven Sayonara Black