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All You Need For SXSW

Its a short list at only 10 items but trust me they’re all you’ll need.

1) Sunglasses- because shows start early

2) Denim Shorts- you’ll probably sit in dirt at some point

3) Linen Crop Top- to go with the denim shorts

4) Sturdy Boots – no one wants their toes crushed during a show

5) Bucket Bag- an easy carry-all that isn’t annoying to lug around

6) Comfy Tee – Like the Obey Font Triblend, by the end of the week it’s all you’ll want to wear

7) Easy Cap – hide the hair you didn’t wash and still look good

8) Flowy mini dress- for the extra hot days

9) Light Jacket – it gets pretty cold at night, try the Hitch Suede Hiker for an updated classic motorcycle jacket

10) Cell Phone – you’ll need to know how to find the food trucks at 3 am