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A Lurk in Progress

I went on another random disconnect, and have been wandering the old world since September. After I returned last week, to get my mind wrong again, I looked back at some from photographs I took from the journey. This is just some of the shit that went down during my annual blur of lurking in Europe. (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Essen, South Italy, Copenhagen, Ghent, Liege, and Barcelona.. <3)

For now, all I want to do is make music and vibe out in strange places. I’ve stopped thinking about these missions as tours; they’re really just experiences, open ended with one way tickets. My idea of home is a fluid concept, and I’ll continue to wander until I get bored (*not anytime soon). Thanks for the inspiration, and much love to everyone who I linked up with on the Journey. See you again in a few months <3