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No Problems No Solutions at SLOW CULTURE

Come join us June 17th for the opening reception of “No Problems No Solutions” an international group exhibition showcasing emerging Dutch artists, presented by SLOW CULTURE. Inspired by underground comics, graphic design and a mixture of high/low brow culture, this exhibit is a window into a community of artist working abroad. The show will be on display from June 17th – July 2nd


Kim David Bots

Kim David Bots (Amsterdam, 1988) graduated from the Utrecht Academy of the Arts in 2012. In his work he combines a variety of fascinations, from the direct and naïve language of folk-art and vernacular illustration, to the alternative and obscure comics and cartoonists from the 18th century onward. Kim uses a diverse array of media which finds its commonality in a specific and personal way of looking at the world.



Father Futureback

Father Futureback is the artist name of Boris de Vries (Den Haag, 1982). After graduating in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy Of Art, , in 2010, he has continuously been working on commissioned work and self-initiated projects. He draws his inspiration from heavy jams, the ‘Der Blaue Reiter’ art-movement, and literature amongst other things.



Louis Reith

Louis Reith graduated from the Academy of Art & Design at Enschede, in 2010. Recurring themes in his work are nature and the handmade, which are contrasted with abstraction and a meticulous and precise process. A personal abstract and monumental language forms a constant presence within his work, in which he combines collages, with drawings, large “soil” paintings and installations.



Paul de Jong

Paul de Jong (Haarlem, 1985) graduated from the Royal Academy Of Art in 2013. In his work he uses his surroundings to construct and search for a personal visual vocabulary. His paintings have a dry and direct sensibility, with which he creates subtle narratives. The objects and situations Paul paints become symbols for human characteristics.



Floor van het Nederend

Floor van het Nederend was born in Haarlem, 1987, and is currently living in Amsterdam. As a child Floor was obsessed with comics. He was (and still is) a big fan of Hergé and Franquin. After achieving a degree in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, Floor started fully focusing on art and illustration. His style is a mix of underground comics and punk flyers; raw, dark and mostly made with black ink. The images Floor creates are bold and direct, while simultaneously drawn with a concentrated precision.