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yankee hagen

remember how I was saying the 69 wall was very controversial? well here ya go..

while i was there shooting this, a guy came by and asked if I was with Obey and I said yes and what followed was about 4 fuck yous, go home, get the fuck out of here etc.. He got in my face and was ready to have a Danish vs USA throw down.. but lucky enough there was a couple nice Dane’s who told him to be on his way.. As we walked away this is what he wrote..

Besides all that, it was a beautiful day and I guess it was the hottest day in Copenhagen all year.. everyone was out to see the crew finish up the Ak M16 mural.. what a doozy


I guess COPE was in town for a show and stopped by to say what up to Shep and the boys!

thats about it for now.. off to another mural and its about 7:30pm and in another two hours the the worst mosquitoes I’ve ever see come out.. they love Da monkeys blood and also my ankles!!