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How terrible was the opening act, the tributes, and the closing act on the Grammys last week? Thinking about it still makes me cringe… Despite it all, I enjoyed yelling and laughing at my TV. Yes, I was very biased on who I wanted to win it all, and yes it was, Kendrick Lamar. Not only because he’s the best out there to do it, but I had a few talented homies credited to working on the album with him. Peace and love to the nominees – Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, Knxwledge, Daddy Kev & Whoarei. A huge congratulations to my brother, Thundercat for taking a trophy home for best collaborative song with Bilal, Anna wise (of Sonnymoon), and Mr. K-Dot.


I may have mentioned a few names before, a few have played at my old OBEY Radio nights, and if you’re familiar with the LA beat/jazz scene, they’re almost household names. But there’s one unknown name in particular, that I want to take the time to spotlight since I have a feeling this dude is going places. Whoarei is a producer/song writer from Sacramento and apart of Timetable Records, a label that Nosaj Thing (NT), myself and a few friends started last year. Our creative director, Adam Guzman gets credit for finding Whoarei on tumblr and we add him to the roster instantly. Long story short, Kendrick asks NT for music, Yada Yada Yada, he picks one of whoarei’s joints to complete the second part of the song “u” on To Pimp A Butterfly. Everything happened so organically, it felt like it was meant to be. Instrumental version below…


After the Grammy’s and finding out he was credited to winning best rap album, he posted a new track called “Izzet Love” on soundcloud from his upcoming LP, Love Spectrum coming out this Summer. A great start to a young career. I look forward to reporting more from this dude…


xo, ROAM