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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.

WES PERIOD: Photosynthesis EP

Today marks the release of LA native Wes Period‘s first EP “Photosynthesis“. His growth as an artist really shines bright in this brand new collection of songs that he’s put together as a teaser for the fans who’ve been long awaiting his upcoming album “Late Bloomer” this past year. As for Photosynthesis, the collection of songs debut his many skills as a producer and his west coast influence and lifestyle. The record also features a handful of amazing talent from all over the globe including close collaborator, Jez Dior, as well as production from UK Grime producers Heavy Trackerz and artist/producer Mystery Skulls. And for just $1 (or as much as you’d like to donate) you can get this EP on Bandcamp at:

In addition to the EP release, Wes has directed and edited a stop motion short called “PHOTOSYNTHESIS” to accompanying the EP. You can check out the video below:


Photographs in “Photosynthesis” by Devon Trunk (@devontrunk) and iainthavinit (@iainthavinit)


You can catch Wes live this week opening up for Mystery Skulls on Friday Sept 25th at The Merrow in San Diego and Saturday Sept 26th at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa.

You can check out more of Wes on his social medias and websites: