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Wandering in N.Y. [1]

Last week I was fortunate enough to embark on a massive visual and physical journey to the Empire State of New York with the OBEY Clothing Design Team. This was my first time in the Big Apple and it was nothing short of eye-opening and incredible. The city surrounds you from every inch, the buildings, art, fashion and especially the people and the culture are what made me feel extremely inspired. We stayed in the Manhattan area through our trip, walking the sidewalks and jumping in Cabs and riding the Trains. Shepard Fairey’s show “On our Hands” at Jacob Lewis Gallery was on the top of our list, the solo show expanded between two floors and showcased large and small bodies of his new work. The loyal fans flew in from around the globe and the work spoke for itself, bold and rich in color. From Soho to Brooklyn here are some visuals I managed to capture in-between time of enjoying every moment.