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Wandering gypsy

I decided to start the new FTR record by disconnecting from the American grid for two months. The following is the extremely short version what nomadic life in Europe/ UK is like with nothing but essentials, a small studio, good friends, an open mind, and somewhat of a plan.

Velkom, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Aloha..

Welcome to casa de Lefto in Brussels, Belgium. If you work for the American embassy, and you’re seeing this, hurry it up on that artist visa for the homie..

Horst Fest (Leuven, Belgium)

“Yo Yo, We out here in Amsterdam” -Ghostface (Jon Wayne remix)…. (FTR, Lefto, Ras-G)

Yo Yo world champion 1372 AD


IMG_5361Morning jogs In Barcelona take you to the lost levels of Super Mario world

Was here..

Wandering aimlessly

Met some people and ended up at an 8 Bit hardcore punk en Español show in the depths of Barcelona

Pit stop in the great castle town Lubjana, where they have Hip-Hop gas stations, and places like this, run by the local artists who take over old military bunkers.

Abandoned for like minded artists to occupy.. do something interesting.. have fun for some years, before money and the law come in to change it up and make it a hip tourist destination with an Urban Outfitters.. We all know the cycle at this point, so for now enjoy Barrio Poblenou, Barcelona in its pure creative, humble glory.

Support Independent Radio and give something to the people who care to move forward… Radio Contrabanda (Barcelona)

Much love to the great local strangers, now friends, of every city who showed me where all the good record stores, restaurants, and neighborhoods are. Travel tip for anyone who doesn’t want to end up in a tourist trap.. Get to know the locals who are into the same shit (usually at record stores), and be nice..

Quick stop in Bordeaux con mis amigos Ras-G, Zeroh, and Low Leaf for some fresh Ethiopian nutrients. I think we had a show that night as well.. Le go!

Hello London

the Gaslamp Killerr… Always good to meet up with bredren from back home in foreign lands. It’s a reminder that the Sun still exists and 75 degree, Fahrenheit weather is awaits. Muchas Gracias GLK, the crew & London!

Mid day in Paris..

Stopped by the Be-Street weekend to hang with the crew and noticed Vince Staples was playing… Looong Beach in the building

Hidden deep between two buildings near Canal St. Martin is where you can find Le Comptoir General, also known as the Ghetto Museum. You can vibe out here all day, drinking extremely strong rum concoctions while listening to William Onyebor on repeat. I bought a ring from a wandering gypsy and it turned my finger green in 19 minutes.. still, this place has some of the best vibes in the city.

Crypt Walking on a beautiful day in Paris.

Patrolling the streets with the crew… try not to get arrested later

Radio, wine & cheese party.. where I can play extremely sexy, obscure French tunes that I don’t understand. Tune into

Welcome to the south of Italy (Puglia)… where you can find the Sun, real Mozzarella, and not so hidden, FTR slaps everywhere… Like this pole where tourists around the world take photos in front of.

Randomly hung out all day with the humble fishermen of Polignano. We couldn’t understand a word from each other, but buckets of Peroni, fresh fish, boat rides and vibes don’t require words.


An unplanned journey through the underground water caves of the ancient city

I played a secret house party in Bari that was put together in a week. For my experience, Puglia is a lost paradise rarely known by outsiders, but heavily enjoyed by the locals who live there. Much love in these ancient streets, bangin food, beaches and really good people.

That’s my digging partner, LolaThere is an actual mafia genre called Neomelodico. Dramatic Italian gangster singing over Wu-Tang instrumentals is what a good amount of it can sound like.

Bari.. where you can step into a studio and find extremely rare Italian instruments from the 70’s… Farfisa’s like this one, were used world wide, but there was some stuff in here that I’ve never heard of that sound like butter… also the real Santa Claus’s (San Nicola) bones are buried in a church down the street.

Next stop Berlin… on the count of three say.. Hello. they say hello back, and leave you alone.

Met up with Rejoicer and Sol Monk (Raw Tapes, TLV) family in Kreuzburg. We made a fresh 4 track EP. All sounds, samples, and vibes recorded around the city along with whatever we had in studio. Stay tuned..

The train through the Swiss alps took about 8 hours, from Zurich to Vienna, but it looked like this. Perfect for the pinky up

Went to go check out Bilal before my set.. ready yourself for that new Adrian Younge collab.

Finalle at Viennale Centrale! film festival

A lovely room of death.

Home is where… ever

The purpose of this tour was to get out of my comfort zone and disconnect from the norm. It was about abandoning past ways of thinking, while creating in the midst of change. 100% of the next album have its roots on this tour and i dedicate it to the people, places, and overall experiences that effected me along the way. Thank you!