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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.

Valeriya Volkova Feature

Check out our interview with Valeriya Volkova in the Propaganda section. Valeriya grew up in the last days of Soviet Russia with Twin Peaks and Vinni Puh—the Cold War counterpart to Winnie the Pooh—on the TV set, and when she moved to America in 1997, it was probably like the ending scenes of 2001 where the spaceman dissolves into a dimension of pure visual insanity. Everything was so bright and vivid and loud, she says, and although she couldn’t speak English, she immediately tuned in to Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network’s now-classic kid shows. Now in 2013, that sense of endless strangeness and newness and that 8-bit-bright color palette live on in her own work, which delivers fractured and often hilarious reflections on the pop culture of her youth. Read the article HERE.