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Trash to Treasure

Hi Obey Posse,

My name is Grace and I’m a women’s designer here at Obey Clothing. I get alot of my inspiration and cheap thrills by shopping for vintage finds! Woke up hungover on Sunday morning, as per usual, and hustled down to the Great Park in Irvine…there’s a sick little flea market there every 1st Sunday of the month. It’s one of my best kept secret spots, and perfect for those of us who are overwhelmed by the sheer scale and manic vibe of the Rosebowl market in Pasadena. Some of the same vendors set up shop here and also ask for less ‘hipster’ prices. I swear those Rosebowl vendors have caught on, and while the product selection is always on point, it‘s usually spendy. I particularly love old things, tchotchkes, clothes, artifacts of a bygone era that speak to a forgotten story. Check out these awesome curiosities that I stumbled across:

An amazing Ozzy Ozbourne relic

A Sweet 50’s Mag filled with deep thoughts and cheeky bums

Buffalo Skull – mad respect for the bones of this beautiful beast

Deer Antlers (they shed these yearly so they are humane remains)

Creepy Doll Parts – what nightmares are made of

Old School Sounds – Radio’s from the 40’s & 50’s

Pacific Northwest Native American Art – if it weren’t for the mold, these would have come home with me

Singer Sewing Machine in insane condition

Gypsy Vibes Valise – mint condition with the best colors (reminded me of some of Shep’s wallpaper Art- had to have it)

Succulents, the angry desert flower…perfect for those of us with black thumbs

Stoney Gnomies straight chillin

Till Next time… G