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Tour life continues פרי דה רובוטס

For the last week of November into December, I made my way from SA to Mexico, Paris, Lille, Bruxelles, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. Way too much amazing shit happened to post, so here is the short version.. you can see more and follow on or #FTRTOURS

Muchas Gracias Otros Mundos Otros Sonidos

Tijuana, Mexico

TJ, Raiders official

Free the Robots, Andre Power, Jo Def… Esgar lurking somewhere

Meanwhile in NYC…

Paris je t’aime

têtes de chèvres je t’aime

Hand styles by SUPE, Mike Kershnar, and Luidgi during live radio broadcast… any place, any time

Listen to the Interviews below:

BeSides Records in Lille, FR… where i spent all my tour money for some major come ups

Bruxelles with Jeremiah Jae & Mono/Poly sometime earlier in the year

Street art (Jaffa)

The moving company

Hummus Lina (Jerusalem) vs Hummus Abu Hassan (Tel Aviv)… won’t say the winner because a man could get killed for that. #HummusCartels

Cohen Beats, Cohen Digs… Websta Websta & Cohen has a job for you

The Army


Port Said, Tel Aviv

Good Vibes in Haifa with 4321, Ghostown Crew, Broken Fingaz, Raw Tapes, Miss Red… Everyone!

Find the Ace of Base tape (Casette Bar, Jerusalem)

Lite Brite music 🙂

A lot of love in the building, thanks to the Raash-Hour crew and the great people of Jerusalem. This is the first 10 minutes filmed & edited by Naama Noach.


On board the Jerusalem express.. Lets Fly!

Hanukkah at the Western Wall

The Old City, Jerusalem

Lost as fuck in the Old City, Jerusalem

So that’s what all this tension is about…

Moo from the Estate

Impromptu studio session with Rejoicer and Keren Dun of the Buttering Trio / Raw Tapes

World wide family

Music is the universal language no matter where we are in the world.. Thank you for listening.

-Free the Robots