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Tour diary.. what a week it’s been

Over Independence Day week I shot over to NYC in hopes that the aliens would come and take me away from some rooftop… Obviously that didn’t happen :/ But i did get to enjoy that heat & humidity with great company.


During my down low DJ set at Hotel Chantelle, the legendary New York noise collective, “Gray” came through to vibe out. Shout outs to Michael Holman (left) + Nick Taylor (right)… now click–>

Feel free to support if what he’s done has affected your life in anyway. Much respect!

on the way to the Marcy stop


Good vibes, tunes, trees & rooftop fireworks with Dan (Dubspot), Ras Daniel, Addis Pablo, and the legendary Clive Chin *photo cred. (Suns of Dub)

Out here they worship Stan

Almost home… but first, off to Quebec City for the OFF Festival.

Obligatory airplane window shot

First stop.. Poutine & Canadian beer

Sometimes I look like Romeo from OBEY (ROAM-intl)

Among some serious French Canadian space, disco bands… not mad at all

Amazing vibes all night at the OFF Festival (Photo by: Marion Desjardin)

you can see the full set of what went on here (QUEBEC OFF)

Homeward bound… stay tuned for “The Balance.” (08/20/2013)