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Tour Diaries: São Paulo, Brazil

[Free the Robots: Sept 2013] Last week I took a trip to the great city of São Paulo for a show and random adventures with the Metanol FM crew. Here is a little glimpse what what goes on this side of the southern hemisphere.

Welcome to São Paulo: Population 11.32 Million

Not bad for the first stop.. grand opening of Alex Atala and Fecundo Guerra‘s new restaurant in Antigo Riviera. Bomb food, good vibes, live jazz, and a playlist that plays everything from Mulatu Astatque, to Moondog, to Thundercat. *I Recommend

According to many local diggers, Disco Sete is São Paulo’s finest record store. For my experience, I will have to agree. shout outs to Carlinhos for being the best digs assistant ever

Brazilians can eat a lot of meat.

Alot of meat…try the churrascaria

The Amazon is home to the cutest Piranhas on the planet

Original OS Gemeos sticker tags from 1996, courtesy of my friend Akin (Metanol). I can’t thank you enough for these.. so thank you again!


Praca das Artes

Good vibes!

muito obrigado to the crew! [Metanol.FM]

After the party is the Afterparty.

The End…

-Free the Robots