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Third Annual LAABF

When it comes to the LA Art Book Fair there’s definitely no shortage of inspiration. Printed Matter, Inc. did an incredible job curating this year’s pack of publishers and artists. There’s something heartwarming about being crammed in a building with book fiends, art aficionados, and cat worshippers all getting high on the OCD love/hate relationship of kerning. Yesterday, we collectively decided to make an early escape from the office grind for a field trip to the Geffen Contemporary. I find it amazing how the human mind can find unlimited ways to depict smut, because if you can’t enjoy a variety of BDSM illustrations you’ll most likely enjoy some classy black & white vintage nudes 🙂 LAABF is going on all weekend so my advice to you is to shut off your TV (no one cares about this year’s super bowl anyway) and go scope some cool shit… enough preaching, enjoy some photos below from last night’s opening!

If you’re planning on going, the exhibition runs from January 30th – February 1st. Hours, address and all other information can be found here!