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There it is, in black and white

This month, Collateral opened its doors in Zurich, Switzerland. The new boutique-cum-art gallery space showcases products from brands that represent culture in various forms — music, skateboarding, graffiti, design, art, and photography. At the same time, Collateral promotes local and international artists by displaying a new art show every month. I was asked to be the first featured artist for the store’s official opening on Saturday, September 1st. It was a great night with a cool mix of people. And yes, even my grandmother made an appearance!

For this show, I worked on creating systems to process the overflow of information we absorb daily without having time to interpret and process everything we see. Images, typography and symbols morph into pattern-like drawings and, together, create new meaning. Exhibited are 3 large and 12 small drawings, all of them in either black or white ink.

I was so honored to be chosen for this great opportunity — my very first solo show. I’ll stop talking now and let the photos speak for themselves.


Much love,