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The Sloths- A Classic Resurrected Rock Star Story

Its one that will surely excite those who seek the excavation of music in the same manner as an archaeologist in Pompeii. It begins with five young guys from Beverly Hills High in the year of 1965 that go from gigging in their garage to sharing bills with the likes of The Doors, Iron Butterfly, Pink Floyd and other iconic bands of the time. During that time they were approached by a record label and recorded two original songs: Makin’ Love and You Mean Everything to Me. At the end of the Summer of ’66, exhausted by their unsuccessful efforts trying to get air time for the controversial single Makin’ Love, the group disbanded. Fast forward 20 years later, a 24-year old store clerk named Tim Warren included Makin’ Love on his fourth volume garage-rock compilation Back From the Grave. Another 30 years later, the build up of buzz around Back From the Grave leads the original guitarist, Jeff Briskin, to discover a rare Impression Record’s single of The Sloth’s Makin’ Love and You Mean Everything to Me, selling on EBay for $6,500. Roused by the unforeseen discovery of fandom, Briskin, with the help of a private detective, brings the remaining band members back together for a Burger Records and Lollipop Records joint supported second chance to rock their way to the top with their new LP release, The Sloths: Back from the Grave.

The Sloth’s played an intimately wild in store performance this past Friday at Fingerprint’s music in Long Beach that left me questioning what world I was living in

Tommy McLoughlin, lead singer of the Sloths, making knee pads the next big fashion trend with his sliding serenade skills


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