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The Shrine in Japan PART II

Hello again. It’s Olivia, and I’m back with more tour updates from the front line of action/Japan herself. We’ve spent the last day and a half reaping mostly the culinary benefits of this glorious country in the city of Kyoto – also appropriately known as “the city of ten thousand shrines.”

The Shrine at one of Kyoto’s ten thousand shrines, Kinkaku-ji/Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

Tsuyoshi – the legend responsible for Felem Skates and bringing us all the way to East Asia. Also the one holding our hands as we hopscotch our way across the country.

Court and Jeff immortalizing their tickets to ride.

Shrine + Felem FOREVER.

Action shot at the Golden Pavilion.

A small selection of the various good fortune candles found at the Golden Pavilion.

Fushimi Inari-taisha/head shrine of Inari. The earliest structure on this property was built in 711. Coincidentally, there are a lot of 7-11’s in Japan.

The Shrine at the shrine.

Our friend Daniel from Sweden, who is now living in Indonesia, came to hang with us for a few days. Here he is in the forest with his skateboard.

And here I am figuring out how sunglasses work under some torii.

The Shrine’s killer Japan tour t-shirt selection – thanks Obey!

Court threatening everyone with his newly acquired karate skills.

Couldn’t agree more.

Tonight’s show at Gattaca in Kyoto.

Boring crowd.

Apparently Cinderella was there.

Spotted/ALL HAIL.

Tomorrow’s show is at HOKAGE in Osaka:

KASADOMART buildings B1F/B2F,2-9-36, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku