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The Final Hour

For the last leg of the tour, we continued with even more run ins, worldwide fam, and fun. Next stops.. Vienna, Copenhagen, and Germany… *I stole these googly eyes from someone elses sticker, and i will do this every time i see googly eyes.

Vienna.. beauuutiful. Shouts to all the dope DJ’s who played, Dorian Concept for coming through, and all the good people of Vienna

3 days off and a DJ set in Copenhagen.. Last year, I was fortunate enough to hop on a Danish tour with my dudes, Den Sorte Skole. This time, I flew right into the final session of their new record, Lection #3, and its pure fire! It consists of 400+ layers of previously un-used samples, edits, and original compositions. Stay tuned for this at

Another random stop in Copenhagen. My dudes from Cheff Records invited us to their live TV performance on the national Danish network, where i discovered a whole new world of music, and another very random run in with Quadron, who you should definitely know by now… but you probably didn’t know, but they are from Denmark!

Came through the Red Bull Music studio (Copenhagen) to hang out with, Phase 5 and his SSL. Easily one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met in the music game.

After our visit to casa de Om-Unit y Meloncholy we remembered Charles had made a purchase.. Pulled this one out of his collection after consuming some natural substance.. Thank you Meloncholy for this!

Ausfahrting from our vacation and heading to Germany for the final stops..

Randomly found my skull used for “St. Pauli to the People” stencil… big up St. Pauli!

Good to see fellow Grilled Cheese Spot/ Santa Ana Surf club member, Glen Porter, out here in Berlin… not to many people know, but aside from taking your orders at The Grilled Cheese Spot, he makes amazing tunes with Project Moon Circle, out of Germany. He will be taking over the OBEY tour blog from here on in. #SecretLife check him out!

Partying with Skinheads next door to our show in Jena Germay… don’t worry… it was a Punky reggae party

Kinda smokey in here..


Goodbye EU, it has been great to rock with you all… until next time, MUCH LOVE! 🙂 Next stop… home for the 5 year Anniversary of The Crosby!!!