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The Cholos of Summer

If you’re into seafoam hair and selfie sticks, this probably isn’t for you. This ain’t no beach goth, this is cholo goth.


Last weekend I went South to witness SoundDiego’s live performance of cholo-meets-goth band, Prayers at the A/C Lounge. Though the two concepts seem odd living together, it actually works quite well. Rafael Reyes, aka Laefar Seyer and Tijuana native Dave Parley, are compelling as an electronic duo and do nothing short of shock and impress simultaneously.

Gang affiliated, lipstick-wearing, and lugging two strikes to his record, Raphael Reyes is a long time member of San Diego’s Sherman Boys crew, which only amplifies his presence as lead vocals of Prayers. While most of his neighboring brothers of his hood may have thrived on hip-hop and gangster rap, Reyes was influenced by the likes of Joy Division, Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy to name a few.

[Photo credit: Instagram @Prayers]

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