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The Aftermath of Psycho De Mayo

We sponsored Psycho De Mayo yesterday at the Observatory in Costa Mesa, CA. This is the second year of the festival, put on by The Theif, and it’s growing into something epic. The event started at noon and went until 2am. We got tons video footage that we’re already in the lab putting together so stay tuned for that. The lineup was insane. Zigs Zigs, Harsh Toke, Dhaga Bloom, The Shrine, Dead Meadow, Lumerians, Sun Araw, St Vitus, Kadavar, Pentagram and a whole bunch of other amazing bands and DJs played. Below is a little breakdown of the day.

Also, if you want to grab a shirt from the event we have some available HERE still.

They had a nice little outside area set up to cool out with some beers and take a break from your mind being blown.

There were some legal smoke breaks going on and illegal smoke breaks going on. This one is a legal smoke break.


Active Ride Shop had a mini ramp set up that everyone was skating all day. Was a little hot at first but as the sun got less intense the sessions got good.

Pentagram after their interview in that sweet van. No children were harmed.


This is Kadavar. They are German, are tall as shit, wear black vests with Levis and generally look pretty menacing. Talked with the drummer for a while and the dude couldn’t have been sweeter.


The Shrine getting some love signing autographs. I think they rolled in from up north after a show the night before and were spent but killed it when they got on stage.


Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag) hanging out with St. Vitus.

Early in the day

 Harsh Toke dude.

 The Zig Zags shredded it. I think everyone in the band takes a turn doing vocals on a song.

The Shrine onstage.

 St. Vitus. Got a little sketchy when the drummer from St. Vitus saw the drummer from Dhaga Bloom playing his kit on stage. Apparently they have the same drums and the wrong set got brought out. Was a little intense for second but hopefully that blew over.

Seriously dude, that’s what I’m talking about.

Kadavar. Drummer had a fan behind him so his hair looked epic the whole time. Total industry move, I can dig it.

waiting on Headliner

 Bobby from Pentagram getting mobbed a little before they played.

 Furlong cruised into the dressing room with Pentagram and got some nice footage behind the scenes. Bobby from Pentagram just before they went on stage. He knows things we don’t!

Ate 3 brisket sandwiches and had about 10 beers by this point and was hitting the wall after watching bands for 12 hours straight. But we had to stay to the end for Pentgram and they didn’t disapoint. The place was so packed you couldn’t move. It felt like a once in a lifetime chance to get to see them play. So good!

Thanks to The Thief, all the rad bands, Easy Rider Records and everyone else involved. Super epic day and can’t wait to see what’s on tap for next year.