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Summer '20: Quarantine interview with BEX

*Due to the global lockdown, we asked dear friends around the world, to show our new summer collection from inside their homes.

No professional photoshoot, no fancy location, just good old selfies, safe, sound in and around their own homes.

Meet the OBEY posse and read some more about how they're dealing with the current situation.



      1.) What did you do before lockdown?

Made music, worked photoshoots, and maintained a social life (RIP). Now I’m just making music which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s kind of nice being forced to work on one specific thing.


2.) What did you find out about yourself during this quarantine?

I realized I have a tendency to use my busy schedule as a distraction. Being alone with my thoughts every day has forced me to make my mental health a priority rather than ignore it because ‘i’m too busy.’


3.)What music have you been listening to?

Been on a major Danger Incorporated kick lately, “Stranger” by Pseudo’s on repeat, and obviously all my own shit cause why make music if you’re not gonna jam to it in your room by yourself at 3am.


4.)What is the first thing you will do after this is over?

Joshua Tree. Camping trip. All my buds’ birthdays were during lockdown so we have a lot of celebrating to do.


-Becca Esopenko